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An easy way to give your home a fresh look this fall is to make prudent use of the harvest's bounty in both a fun and practical fashion!
Here are three simple ideas that can work in a home of any style.
You might start with a natural center-piece that will add seasonal warmth to your dinner table. Functional & Attractive Fall DecorIf you have access to fresh produce from a local farm or orchard, select an assortment of pieces that match your home's color scheme and arrange them on a wooden trencher.
If you're in the mood for some fun possibly at Halloween you might make good use of a hubbard acorn squash or sugar pumpkin by strategically arranging them on your steps. Add to the look with a "garnish" of hay. A touch of brightness from an angled spot light can bring this simple display to life after dark!
For a seasonal interior display, a combination of these items can be neatly arranged on crates or decorative holders. It's best to vary the height and, as always, accent the grouping with direct lighting. You might also place a basket of fresh apples in a corner or entry way when entertaining, and then use them to bake a pie!
If these ideas works well in your home, you can take a similar approach to bring about a fresh look for the holidays!



How much time do you spend at work? And, more importantly, do you really love your work space?
Whether you own or lease, you can easily take ownership of your personal work area by adding a few well-selected accessories that will maximize comfort, look and feel!
Light-down Your Life!
For example, an easy way to add warmth and comfort to any office is to optimize lighting options.
If you can, it's great to occasionaly switch-off the often overly-bright overhead lights and turn on an appropriately-selected desk or floor lamp. Not only will the change in atmosphere give your eyes a welcome rest, but you might also be surprised by increased creativity and energy levels.
For a timeless choice, it's safest to stay away from metallic styles and opt for a look and color that complements your furniture; and be sure your lamp is at the proper height - no exposed light bulbs!
Ground-floor Opportunity
Oriental rugs are another simple yet enriching idea. These can be placed in higher-traffic areas or even under small conference tables, yielding a strong aesthetic along with added comfort, while eliminating foot-traffic wear-and-tear on your floors or standard carpet in more heavily traveled areas.
Color and pattern are the keys - look for complementary tones and designs that you find personally appealing. It is not necessary to "match" patterns should you opt for more than one rug. In fact, it might be better to avoid duplication in favor of selecting rugs with a similar sensibility.
Pricing can vary, and the use of a pad can bolster the touch and feel of any grade rug.
Accessorizing as a Final Touch...
Finally, a few well-placed and appropriately-scaled (consistent with room size) accessories can tie everything together with a personal touch. These might include framed paintings or prints, sculptures, bowls or other decorative pieces.
The key to success here is simple - personalize! While smaller-scaled items might be more appropriate for home use, the rule of thumb in a commercial setting is to err on the side of "bigger."
Making your workspace a space you love is a great way to reap greater enjoyment out of every day, and might also add to your creative success at the same time!

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