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You can often get high-end products at reduced cost when you buy direct!

Our semi-annual buying trips are very popular, and we're happy to help you find just the right piece or furninshing for your home or office. Please feel free to contact us any time for additional information!
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Frame Change?

Lots of people tell us they can often bring about "like-new" appreciation of their favorite art by simply updating frames!

Try a new look, wood color or metal shade and see what you think... and be sure to
let us know!





An easy way to to give your home a fresh look for every season is to make strategic accessory changes.
To bring summer's warmth and a hint of outside airiness into your home, Seasonal & airy greens you might start by selecting single-stem, zen-like greens. As shown, these are best displayed in a clear or simply-decorated vase, which accentuates the open feeling that's best on warmer days. For smaller spaces you might opt for refreshing white and green floral arrangements placed in lower-profile glasses or small vases.
Add one of these floral pieces to a rattan, bamboo or woven tray on your cocktail table along with a dish of your collected sea shells; then you can simply add a book on gardening or beaches next to the tray to set a relaxed and fun mood.
When fall arrives, it's time to bring back the rich wood, silver or gold accents when accessorizing. When choosing how to decorate with plants in the cooler seasons we recommend to perhaps look through your own buffet cabinet for sources of vessels in which you could re-pot real or articifical plants. But more on that later...
Enjoy the summer!



Making innovative use of every-day items is a great opportunity to decorate in an attractive and practical way!
For example, we can start with this simple bucket, turn it upside-down and add a votive candle and a small tray or book for support, and suddenly we have created a decorative and seasonal look for our home office or work space.
During the summer we might also complement this simple candle-holder with a vibrant white and green floral arrangement similar to those described in the article above.

The goal is to keep our workspace looking fresh and to also align with mother nature. Making these simple changes for summer and winter can even give us a productivity boost!

This approach, of course, can apply to either home or office space.

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