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Can I use my own contractor?
Of course! While we're responsible for work done by tradespeople we bring in, we're also happy to work with those contractors our clients know and trust.

Is it difficult for a designer to simultaneously work with clients who have different tastes?
No, because most professionals view the space from the client's perspective and are trained to provide good design in any style.

Can we take a buying trip together?
Yes, we welcome your company! Generally you'll save a net 20% after fees and expenses.


Will it cost me more to hire a designer...?
Not necessarily, and very often it costs less than trying to design or plan space on your own. A professional can help you visualize all the options and avoid costly mistakes in style, color and other choices, including the selection of tradespeople. In addition, you can often leverage a professional's market knowledge and relationships to buy direct, with the savings passed-on directly to you.

Will my job be completed in a timely fashion or will it take longer because of scheduling challenges?
Whitehouse Interior Design schedules projects on a staggered basis, so we can accommodate your needs and time-frames.

Committed to beautiful outcomes that reflect each client.